Current projects


  • Breeding:
    • Preliminary evaluation and maintenance in clonal, (Stage-I & -II) selection program of sugarcane germplasm obtained through fuzz and setts
    • Evaluation of sugarcane varieties in semi final stages and final stages of development. (Stage-IV selection program)
  • Agronomy
    • Exploring the role of sulfar, zinc, FYM, poultry manures, and press mud in boosting sugarcane yields.
    • National Uniform Yield Trials (NUYT) of sugarcane
  • Entomology:
    • Trials on integrated pest management of sugarcane borers
    • Preparation of tricho cards for biological control of borers.
  • Pathology
    • Screening of sugarcane clones in replicated yield trials for whip smut and red rot.
    • Trials on integrated disease mangement.


    • Preliminary screening of sugarbeet germplasm
    • Evaluation of sugarbeet promising varieties in semi final and final stages of development.
    • Trials on zinc, biochar and optimum seeding depth ::: Copyright © 2016
Last updated on: October 11, 2021